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COVID-19: Energy Supply Chain Companies Support Care Givers and Families
April 29, 2020

Washington DC  Energy supply chain companies and workers have gone "above and beyond the call" to support care givers and people in need as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

EEIA affiliated firms including pipeline contractors, equipment suppliers, pipeline operators and energy producers have stepped up with donations of food, PPE, healthcare equipment and critically needed supplies to help people and their communities cope with the crisis.

The energy infrastructure supply chain organization has begun collecting individual stories of members caring outreach and has compiled them on its website at, in a section named Highlighting Our Heroes.

In announcing the initiative, EEIAs President Toby Mack explained that energy supply chain companies are committed to the communities where they live and work, and these stories paint that picture very well. He added that COVID-19 has especially impacted energy workers and their companies, so these acts of support and generosity say a lot about how much they care about the people who are affected, particularly care givers and first responders.

EEIA is inviting additional submissions of similar programs of support through a form on the Associations website.

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EEIA is a non-profit organization representing people and businesses who work in the energy supply chain. EEIA's member companies and their workers provide construction, equipment, materials, and services essential to building the infrastructure necessary to produce and deliver America's energy. The energy supply chains more than sixty industry sectors provide over a million good jobs and have a massive economic footprint throughout all of Americas fifty states.

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