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Pipeline, LNG and Manufacturing Project Summary

EEIA maintains and provides to members periodically compilations of major pipeline and LNG export terminal projects, showing each project's permitting, FID and construction status, location, capacity, estimated capital investment and projected in-service date, to the extent known. In addition, the American Chemistry Council maintains a similar compilation of capital investment in chemical manufacturing plants dependent on shale gas. Here is a current summary of that tremendous scale of construction, supply and job opportunity driven by the miracle of shale development - nearly one half trillion dollars of capex over the next decade.

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Major Natural Gas Pipelines:

  • 32 projects
  • 6,700 miles
  • 49 bcf/d capacity
  • $47.3 billion capital expenditure
  • Major Liquids Pipelines:

  • 22 projects
  • 11,300 miles
  • 11,200 mmbpd
  • $39.4 billion capital expenditure
  • LNG Export Projects:

  • 29 projects
  • 46 bcf/d
  • 348 million tons per annum
  • $200 billion capital expenditure
  • Natural Gas-dependent Chemical Manufacturing Projects:

  • 334 projects
  • $204 billion capital expenditure

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